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Be a bad birdwatcher

Be a bad birdwatcher

I love seeing birds going about their business and I love watching them in my garden. I like it even more when I see them out in nature where I can marvel at their fierce fragility. Until recently I was pretty hopeless at identifying them. Until, that is, I stumbled across "The Bad Birdwatcher's Companion" by Simon Barnes.

Easy not intimidating

I may be late to the party when it comes to finding Simon Barnes. His 'bad birdwatcher' books were written a good 15 years ago but I've been totally won over by the way he is able to make the process of identifying birds so easy, when most bird books I've ever come across make it so confusing and intimidating.

Watch and learn

The more I walk, the more I want to know about the wildlife I see and hear - particularly if I am photographing it. I love the fact that my camera (Nikon P950) enables me to see birds so close up. It's a privilege to spy on them, watching them go about their business and on the rare occasions they sit still long enough, grabbing a photo or two. The more I notice them, the more I want to watch them and the more I watch them, the more I am learning.

A Dawn Date

Next Sunday (1st May) is dawn chorus day and this year the RSPB are running the first ever Dawn Chorus Festival. You can join an organised event, get out on your own, or stay home and listen in on social media. If you've never heard the dawn chorus before, it is absolutely worth getting up for. Now is a great time of year to see (and hear) birds so if, like me, you've always wanted to know more, why not start your bad birdwatcher journey this spring.