Updates / Errata

Walk Seven

Please note that the railway line (shown in red below) after Point 8 at Hurlands Farm is not a public right of way. You must use the public footpath (shown in green below) that runs along the foot of the embankment. It is also not permitted to walk along the line beyond the crossroad (marked below with a star) as stated in the description at Point 8.

Walk Three & Walk Eight

The Country Inn (Bepton), is listed in both these walks as a refreshment stop. Unfortunately this pub is currently closed and the property is being let. I'll post here if it re-opens as a pub but for now it is no longer a place you can stop for a drink or a bite to eat.

Walk Six 

The One With the Ancient Woodland

LOVES FARM B&B - The map as well as the route guide reference Loves Farm B&B - unfortunately the B&B now appears to be closed. The signs are still in place (for now) but the B&B part has been painted over. The references are on page 129 on the detail map and also on page 127 (point 4) of the route guide.

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